Welcome to Skogale!
Day Two: Preparing for a New Life (Part Two)

I went to the city afterwards! I had some extra bells to pay with, so I guess I’d see how much a new bed would cost.

Goodbye, bus!

Yeah, it’d probably be best if I bought a cheaper bed.

Me getting a new hairdo! The dye will wash off, right?

Getting some nice tips from Dr. Shrunk…

I went home afterwards, lucky enough to have a few bells left over. So, I decided to make a new design to go with my new hair!

Do you like?

I think Bluebear liked, because she was kind enough to gift me a new rug!

I figured since I had a new carpet, I thought I’d get a new wallpaper…and maybe a new table.

I’ll have a nicer house in no time!