Welcome to Skogale!
Day Three in Skogale

Wow, today was a really crazy day! First I woke up and was greeted by the always lovely Lolly, who had a task for me! She told me to give something to Maelle.

I kind of forgot about it after a while…and I ended up doing random stuff. Here’s some of the stuff I did:

That was when I remembered I was supposed to bring the present to Maelle…I’m glad that I remembered in time! I don’t think Lolly would like me wandering off…

I finally re-located Lolly, and she was so thankful she gave me a new rug! Which I…quickly sold to Tom Nook.

Day Two: Preparing for a New Life (Part One)

Well, I woke up this morning and found a pleasant surprise outside of my door. Maybe not so present. Mr. Resetti was waiting underground, and when I closed my door out he came.

I hope I never see that darn mole again…

He scolded me for not sleeping on my bed properly, which angered me a bit inside. Who would want to sleep on that bed!?

After that, I decided to make a couple of bells. It’s really hard getting a lot of bells, and some things in the city are extremely expensive.

Shaking trees is actually harder than it looks.

I did various things around Skogale, from shaking trees to catching fish! I also dug up my first fossil today!

This is probably worth thousands…

When I was done making all my bells, I went to the Able Sister’s Shop and bought myself a new umbrella! That was when I saw Lolly and Gaston telling secrets…

But then Gaston got furious, causing Lolly to be not so sweet anymore.

Oh, and I also gained a new neighbor today! He acted like a jerk in front of me, but I think on the inside he’s a nice guy…