Welcome to Skogale!
Day Three in Skogale

Wow, today was a really crazy day! First I woke up and was greeted by the always lovely Lolly, who had a task for me! She told me to give something to Maelle.

I kind of forgot about it after a while…and I ended up doing random stuff. Here’s some of the stuff I did:

That was when I remembered I was supposed to bring the present to Maelle…I’m glad that I remembered in time! I don’t think Lolly would like me wandering off…

I finally re-located Lolly, and she was so thankful she gave me a new rug! Which I…quickly sold to Tom Nook.

Hi, um

I want to go into other people’s towns…

Anyone interested?

I finished paying off my debt!
It was really easy actually. All I had to do was find fossils and sell them!

I finished paying off my debt!

It was really easy actually. All I had to do was find fossils and sell them!

Day Two: Preparing for a New Life (Part Two)

I went to the city afterwards! I had some extra bells to pay with, so I guess I’d see how much a new bed would cost.

Goodbye, bus!

Yeah, it’d probably be best if I bought a cheaper bed.

Me getting a new hairdo! The dye will wash off, right?

Getting some nice tips from Dr. Shrunk…

I went home afterwards, lucky enough to have a few bells left over. So, I decided to make a new design to go with my new hair!

Do you like?

I think Bluebear liked, because she was kind enough to gift me a new rug!

I figured since I had a new carpet, I thought I’d get a new wallpaper…and maybe a new table.

I’ll have a nicer house in no time!

Day Two: Preparing for a New Life (Part One)

Well, I woke up this morning and found a pleasant surprise outside of my door. Maybe not so present. Mr. Resetti was waiting underground, and when I closed my door out he came.

I hope I never see that darn mole again…

He scolded me for not sleeping on my bed properly, which angered me a bit inside. Who would want to sleep on that bed!?

After that, I decided to make a couple of bells. It’s really hard getting a lot of bells, and some things in the city are extremely expensive.

Shaking trees is actually harder than it looks.

I did various things around Skogale, from shaking trees to catching fish! I also dug up my first fossil today!

This is probably worth thousands…

When I was done making all my bells, I went to the Able Sister’s Shop and bought myself a new umbrella! That was when I saw Lolly and Gaston telling secrets…

But then Gaston got furious, causing Lolly to be not so sweet anymore.

Oh, and I also gained a new neighbor today! He acted like a jerk in front of me, but I think on the inside he’s a nice guy…


Day One: Welcome to Skogale! (Part 2)

…It was not fun at all. 

He made me do countless jobs, making me run around the town from place to place. At least now I know my way around town. 

And after a long and hard day of work, I think it’s time for me to rest. In my really uncomfortable bed. Tomorrow I’m going to save up bells for new clothes and a new bed.

Day One: Welcome to Skogale! (Part 1)

Well, today was my first day on my own, and I finally got the courage to go to the town I’ve always dreamed of living in! Skogale has always been one of my dream towns to live in, and it was thrilling to finally go there!

Anyways, on the way there I met this reaaaaalllly cool cat named Rover. He settled me in, asked about my life, and even gave me some useful tips on living on my own. I feel like we’re going to be great friends and are going to see each other a lot.

I got there, and it was amazing! There were beautiful trees and beautiful flowers everywhere. I went around, looking for neighbors that were soon to become friends. A lot of the people were really cool, some a bit chill. There was, however, a certain bear that caught my attention. His name was Pudge, and he said we could meet up some time! I couldn’t believe how nice and cool he was.

…What’s a theremin?

But anyways, I looked around at the house marketing, and unfortunately all the houses were extremely small. So, I decided to do what my instincts told me and to pick a house that would suit me best. And so, I picked the house that was near the beach. It felt like a place that I could just relax in.


How could I relax in a house like this!?

Anyways, I met my landlord, and let me say, he isn’t the nicest guy in town. He didn’t even bother asking me about my old life. The house payment was about 20,000 in bells, and when he told me that my heart dropped.

There was no way I was going to pay that off. But then. he offered me a job, and hey, who would want to turn down something as awesome as that?